Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I don't know how many books Stephenie Meyer had written prior to the third book in the Twilight series. At least I know for sure she wrote two. One would think her writing would have improved over the course of two or more books. I suppose that's what I get for thinking. Believe it or not, her writing has gotten worse! She carries forward the same problems from the first two books -- elementary writing, poor grammar, cliched plotting and characters -- and then adds to them! Instead of her writing maturing, it seems to digress. Instead of her characters really coming to life they remain stagnant. This is the third book in the series! By now the reader should be enjoying well developed characters that have really taken on a life of their own. Also, as this is the third book in the series, the plot should really be ramping up and drawing you in -- it should be building up to the fourth book and making you want to read the end and know what happens. Instead the plot leaves me cold.

In short:

The books get worse and worse.... Ridiculous plot (even for a vampire book), no character development, poor prose.... The list goes on and on. If you've read my other reviews for the series then you know I don't judge mind candy very harshly at all. But this book was just too poorly written to let off easy...even as mind candy. The author is ruining what could have been a great series. I'm almost afraid to ask what she has in store for us in the last book.


  1. Never read the books. My daughter and I was talked into going to see the movie, Twlight, by/with some young girls (in their early 20's) when that movie came out. Dumb movie.

    I don't like romance novels, never read 'em. I don't like vampire stories, never read 'em. But, even if I did after going to see that dumb movie, I would surely never read the books. You summed it up nicely, Rebecca...ridiculous.


  2. Yeah and the books only get worse! As I've said before in this blog, when I'm reviewing romance/mind candy I'm really very lenient. Despite that, I simply can't say that these books hold any real merit. If she would have stopped at the first one she would have done OK. Despite it's many in your face flaws, it was at least enjoyable for what it was. But the books have gotten progressively worse. What Anne Rice did for the vampire novel Stephenie Meyer is trying to undo. Of course she has plenty of help from Laurell K. Hamilton...