Friday, April 15, 2011

Passionately Ever After by Metsy Hingle

Passionately Ever After by Metsy Hingle is one of twelve books in the Dynasties: The Barones series published for Silhouette's Desire line. I picked this book up because I was in the mood for mind candy. I wanted a story with a happy ending I could count on. Years ago I'd read some of the other books in this series so when I saw this I went ahead and picked it up.

The story was fine for what it was. It's romance. Silhouette Desire romance to be exact. You simply can't expect any great literary works in the Silhouette line of books. But that's OK. That isn't what I wanted. I wanted easy and fast to read with no thinking required of me. I got what I wanted. The story was OK. No surprises or twists and turns. A pretty straight forward romance storyline. The plot, as with most romances, got all tied up in a nice neat little package by the end. Probably not the most believable of endings, but it wasn't exactly the most believable of storylines either.

The writing itself was at least understandable, though not complex. I can't say that the writing was overly simplistic, but neither could I say the writing was quality writing.

The characters were OK. A lot of cliches and really very little development, but what can you really expect from romance? I can't say that any one character appealed to me more than others, but neither did any character completely disgust me.

Bottom line: If you've got an hour or two to kill and you don't want to have to put a lot of effort into what you're reading, go ahead and pick up this book.